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Affordable custom mobile apps that help industrial facilities automate their processes.

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In-Plant Efficiency

Many factories and plants continue to collect data from the floor via last-century systems, including paper, which results in everything from shoddy data collection to transcription errors. Mobile-based data collection via a specialized app can eliminate many of these issues.


We have over 25 years of industrial work experience and understand the importance of operating at the highest level of efficiency from the office to the shop floor. If you have a process that would be more efficient by the use of a mobile app, tell us your thoughts and we will build a custom app to get you the productivity gains your operation needs to stay competitive. We don't dabble in game or social media apps. Our only focus is producing affordable quality apps that increase productivity in an industrial work environment.

Best IT technology

We can build your app on all the major platforms, including Android, Ios and Windows phone. We will help you determine the right system for your operation.

Minimal Learning Curve

The app is designed in a way that your workforce won't need to struggle to learn how to use it. Your app will be the perfect balance of an intuitive interface and functionality.

Need a custom solution? We're here to help you create it.

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Mobile app on any platform

Android, Ios, Window Phone.

Easy to use

No need to be IT savvy to master it.

Managers love it

All field operations will be monitored in a single screen so managers love it.

Have a feature request?

Let us know if there is a feature you want integrated into your app. We can do that at any point in the app development process.


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